Retail, Wholesale and Dropshipping service with high quality Spain leather products made by our own factory in Spain.

Why did we create Spain Trade Center?

As a professional wholesaler, are you facing the following problems ever?

  • The price of the offline wholesale market is too high that greatly reduces your profit margins.
  • There are too many choices and risks when you wholesale in many online platforms, just like Alibaba or Wish.

For example, when you want to place an order in Alibaba, you are likely to face the following problems:

  • Too many stores and repetitive products, just choosing the product and store will exhaust your time and patience. Selecting a product with the right price and quality from 1,000+ suppliers is a difficult and complicated project for anyone.
  • Just as you finish it and prepared to take a break, even worse things happened! The products you purchase this time may come from multiple stores, which often means that you need to communicate with several suppliers at the same time.
  • The product quality control of each store is definitely inconsistent. You need to negotiate with multiple stores and so on after the sale.

Only experienced people know how bad this is.

Anyone wants to know, is there a platform that can help the small and medium-sized wholesalers solve the above problems?

Yes, it is. This is why we created Spain Trade Center: Build the best online wholesale market for wholesalers and retailers.

What is Spain Trade Center?

Spain Trade Center is an online wholesale market.

We always aim to be the best online wholesale market for wholesalers, retailers, and resellers.

You can use our service through our official website www.spaintradecenter.com.

So far, we are mainly business in online wholesale services of the best quality leather products.

What services does Spain Trade Center provide? And why choose us?

After years of development, we have become more than an online wholesale market, we aim to become a procurement expert around you, and we can provide the following services:

     1. High Quality Fabric

We are a warehouse of genuine leather products made in Spain with more than 35 years of experience.

All of our products are handcrafted by our own manufacture. We use the best quality Spain leather only.

All products you purchase will be shipped from our warehouse in Spain and have passed our strict quality inspection.

     2. 2000+ non-repeating products

We do not produce any products, we just gather together excellent products for you. There are currently 2000+ products for you to choose from.

The difference is that all our products are non-repeating. You don't need to spend energy to distinguish and think "Are the goods in these two stores the same? Are their materials the same? Why is there such a big gap in the price?" Etc.

     3. Competitive price

Spain Trade Center has a huge price advantage compared with the suppliers you know, we can provide you with a lower price with the same quality. Saving 40%+ cost for you on average compared with the other online wholesale markets. The following are the reasons:

  • We can get the lowest price of the product because we have the own factory.
  • No need to pay expensive store and advertising fees for wholesale platforms such as Alibaba.
  • We have lower shipping costs as a major customer of DHL / UPS.

     4. Strict quality control and after-sales service

Any product you purchase will be shipped from our warehouse after strict quality inspection and packaging, once an abnormal product is found, we will intercept it immediately.

You can track the real-time logistics information on the platform after the order was shipped. At the same time, we provide a long-term after-sales service period of up to 30 days, if the products you received has any quality or transportation damage problems, please contact us in time, we will provide after-sales service for you.

     5. Timely customer service and customized service

If you have any questions or customized requirements for the product, please contact us via live chat or Email, we will provide you with one step one solution and guidance.

In addition, If you cannot find the products you want on our platform, please contact us, we can provide you with one-to-one services.

     6. All services are free

Yes, all the above additional services (negotiation with suppliers, pre-sales, after-sales, quality inspection, our packaging, etc.) are free, you don't need to pay any fees for them. All your expenses include only the following few points:

  • Custom packaging with your brand logo.
  • The actual cost of the product you purchased.
  • The shipping cost of your products (DHL / UPS / FedEx).

Grow your business now

In the past few years, we have successfully provided quality services to 10,000+ wholesalers and retailers, our customers are all over the United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Europe, and many other countries or regions.

We have helped many customers save on average 40%+ of purchasing cost, greatly improve the profit margin of the business. At the same time, we will free you from the tedious daily purchase, so that you have enough time and energy to accompany your family.

If you happen to need a similar service, why not try it? Take action immediately and join us now to help you free yourself from confusion and tedious purchase. Let's make it easy, simple, comfortable, and better.

Join SPAIN TRADE CENTER now and enjoy an 60% discount!

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